Yunnan province is interested in expanding cooperation with the SCO countries

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Yunnan province is interested in expanding cooperation with the SCO countries 08.09.2020 00:22


During a working trip to Kunming, SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov had a meeting with the Vice-Governor of Yunnan province, Ms. Li Malin, on August 28.

The interlocutors touched upon the issues of further interaction of the SCO Secretariat with the province and the city of Kunming to conduct joint events and establish contacts with the regions of the SCO member states.

Norov proposed to organize a joint tourism conference "SCO-ASEAN" on the basis of the international tourism exhibition in Kunming, as well as to hold a video conference on the role of sports and traditional medicine in promoting human health with the support of the China-SCO youth exchange Center at Kunming University.

Li Malin supported these proposals, describing the ongoing work to control and prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, as well as to restore the province's economy.

She noted the importance of promoting the marathon and the feasibility of creating a platform for conducting the SCO Kunming marathon online so that everyone can participate.

Thanks to the high level of organization and effective work of the Organizing Committee, the marathon has achieved international recognition in just four years and received a silver license from the International athletics Federation, the SCO Secretary General concluded

As part of a working trip to Kunming, SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov met with representatives of Yunnan Shanghe Sport and Culture, led by Executive Director Ms. Zhang Qin and Deputy Secretary General of the Association of athletics federations of China, Mr. Shui Tao, on August 28. There was also a presentation of the plan for organizing the 5th Kunming international marathon of the SCO, the scale and format of which will be determined taking into account the epidemiological situation in China.

The plan contains a conceptual vision for further promotion of the SCO international marathon in China and other member States. The best option is to run the marathon online in December 2020.

It was about the possibility of organizing "SCO marathon races" with a small number of participants (SCO Running Group) in several cities of China at the same time in October this year.

Ms. Zhang Qin noted that all these intentions are aimed at popularizing the SCO marathon, as well as at achieving the main goal of the Organizing Committee — obtaining the Golden license of the international Association of athletics federations for the Kunming marathon of the SCO. Norov thanked Ms. Zhang Qin and her team for their professionalism and responsible attitude to the SCO marathon, highly appreciating the content of the Plan, which was drawn up using a scientific and practical approach.

Norov pointed out the importance of popularizing the SCO marathon in all member States by holding it in specific cities and places where the "eight wonders of the SCO" facilities are located. The Secretary General noted the efforts of Yunnan Shanghai Culture and Sport to successfully conduct the SCO marathons and other cultural events of the SCO Secretariat over the past four years.

As part of the trip, Norov visited the city of Chengjiang and took part in an event dedicated to the launch of the SCO small marathon races.