With the support of the SCO Business Council, major projects are being implemented

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With the support of the SCO Business Council, major projects are being implemented 18.06.2019 12:12



Participants in the meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council meeting in Bishkek, which will be held on June 13-14, will traditionally discuss a number of important regional and international issues, as well as indicate a joint approach to resolving the situation in Afghanistan. The heads of state will also sum up the year of the chairmanship of Kyrgyzstan in the SCO, agree on plans for further cooperation, as well as determine the direction for further development of the Organization. The Executive Secretary of the SCO Business Council, Sergey Kanavsky, informed the correspondent of the portal “Infoshos”.

It is expected that a package of documents will be signed aimed at deepening interaction among regions of countries, strengthening the fight against illicit drug trafficking, and establishing cooperation in the field of information technology, as well as health and sports.

The SCO states are interested in creating favorable conditions for the development of trade and investment necessary for the free movement of goods, services, capital and technology. In this regard, it is planned to develop joint approaches to trade facilitation, as well as the development of an innovative and digital economy.

“With the support of the Business Council, several large-scale projects are being implemented in the field of electronic commerce, creating multifunctional centers where not only trade opportunities will be presented, but also opportunities for cultural exchange and humanitarian cooperation,” Kanavsky said. - The Business Council has projects relating to education, medicine, tourism, there has been a positive interaction with the SCO Secretariat, support and even access to business contacts in the space of ASEAN countries. We support the desire of their business structures to cooperate with the structures of the SCO observer countries and dialogue partners and see this as a good prospect of developing and strengthening not only interregional relations, but also relations within the organization itself.

The cooperation of the regions has great prospects. Thanks to regional cooperation, conditions are created for expanding mutual investments by improving the investment and business climate.

Cooperation in the field of international transport is of great interest for the SCO countries. The organization is interested in creating new and modernizing existing routes, developing transport corridors. Increasing cooperation in the transport industry includes the development of trade and tourism, the implementation of joint infrastructure projects that ensure the effective use of the transit potential of states.

“The SCO Business Council made a number of decisions relating to the promotion of interregional cooperation, the creation of specialized multi-disciplinary multilateral platforms, information, trade, and cultural facilitation of the development of these relations,” said the Executive Secretary of the SCO Business Council.

In mid-June, the presidency of the SCO passes to Russia. The state plans to pay great attention to the integrated development of infrastructure and trade activities. In this regard, the Russian national part of the SCO Business Council also initiated the creation of special working groups on transport and trade and exhibition activities.

One of the first events in the framework of the Russian presidency of the SCO will be a forum in Ufa, which will be held on September 26-27, 2019.