Who needs the SCO?

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Who needs the SCO? 26.04.2016 12:12

We agree, for the ordinary citizen such abbreviations as SCO, BRICS, CSTO often sound very abstract. Heads of states and high officials gather and solve some possibly important issues. But the people in this case stay aside. So many people think.

However the recent international forum “On the second track. The role of civil society and public diplomacy in the further development and expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”, held in Sochi showed that such structures as the SCO are established for the common people of many countries. In Sochi for two days over three hundred participants from 26 of the SCO member states and the SCO observer states, as well as partner countries in dialogue and countries promising to the organization have listened to more than 120 expert reports on the world order, security and the fight against terrorism, economy and entrepreneurship, the environment and the environmental protection, education and science, the interaction of cultures and religions.

Executive Secretary of the Forum, the director of the CIS Institute Konstantin Zatulin said: “Last year, in Ufa documents on the procedure of India and Pakistan admission to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of have been adopted. The prospects of Iran’s membership were also discussed. In addition, the SCO has the dialogue partners it is another group of countries”.

“Today in the world - Zatulin further admitted – competition is becoming tougher, the United States is very hurry - the creation of trans-Pacific partnership in New Zealand’s was recently announced. Europeans are, in fact, arms twisted to make the trans-Atlantic partnership work”. They seem to be economic unions, but the global interests of the superpowers are behind them. Russia and China are not welcome in these unions. SCO countries’ societies cannot ignore such a challenge, because we are talking about the principle of “divide and rule” under the domination of US.

What else is important to note - at the conference representatives of the public of the states met relationships between which are sometimes not friendly. Even conflicts arise. In the hall, for example, there were representations of Azerbaijan and Armenia - remember the recent hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh. Among the guests were representatives of India and Pakistan, Israel and Syria, China and Vietnam. The latter two countries have territorial disputes in the South China Sea, also in the economic sphere they are consistently confronted by the United States. And Sochi forum united all of them in one dialogue platform. The representatives of Abkhazia and South Ossetia equally participated in the discussions, with the recognition of their states the majority of states are not in a hurry.

Not for nothing in the Declaration adopted by the Sochi International Forum noted that the “Shanghai Spirit” –is the trust, mutually beneficial cooperation, non-violence, humanitarian and economic cooperation of all peoples and states, which should be distributed in terms of public diplomacy. Participants of the forum supported the idea of regular meetings between the supporters of the Eurasian integration and development of the SCO, hereinafter referred to as “Sochi Initiative”. They announced to assign the forum the status of the international dialogue social organization.