The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the strengthening of cooperation with the CSTO, CIS and SCO

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The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the strengthening of cooperation with the CSTO, CIS and SCO 24.11.2016 13:44

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Monday calling for the deepening of cooperation with the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). All three documents were approved without a vote.

In one of the resolutions of the General Assembly recognized the "significant practical contribution and efforts", the CSTO to strengthen "regional security and stability of the system, counter-terrorism and transnational organized crime, illegal drug and arms trafficking, illegal migration and trafficking in human beings", as well as work to eliminate the impact of natural and man-made disasters. General Assembly called upon "deepening cooperation and coordination" between the structures of the UN and the CSTO, as well as "the development of direct contacts between them in areas of mutual interest", including for the purpose of exploring "possible ways of increasing cooperation in the area of peacekeeping".

The document relating to the CIS, attention was drawn to the activities of the organization for "the strengthening of regional cooperation in areas such as trade and economic development, exchange of statistical data and economic information, culture, education, health, sports, tourism, science and innovation, environmental protection and the fight against natural and man-made disasters". Assembly requested the UN Secretary-General to hold regular consultations with the CIS Executive Secretary to strengthen cooperation between the two organizations

The third resolution refers to "the important role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in promoting peace and sustainable development, promoting regional cooperation and strengthening good-neighborly relations and mutual trust." General Assembly stressed "the importance of strengthening dialogue, cooperation and coordination" between the UN and the SCO, and invited for this purpose to hold regular bilateral consultations between the leaders of the organizations.

Speaking at the meeting, the SCO Secretary General Rashid Alimov said that since its inception 15 years ago, the organization was based on the understanding that the UN "has been and will be a leading universal international organization" in the maintenance of global security, as well as a platform for the settlement of international disputes. According to him, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization attaches great importance to "the progressive development of relations" with the United Nations and its specialized agencies.

The SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) attaches particular importance to development of relations with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of the United Nations attaches great importance to the further strengthening and progressive development of relations between the SCO and the United Nations, its specialized institutions and agencies. This was stated by Secretary General of the SCO Rashid Alimov, who spoke at the General Assembly (GA) of the United Nations.

"Strengthening and development of effective relations of the United Nations with regional organizations not only makes the regional structures stronger, but also significantly strengthens the UN itself," - Alimov said in this connection. He noted in his speech that "since its inception, the SCO has always come from the fact that the United Nations have been and remain a leading universal international organization for the maintenance of global security, the main platform for the solution of interstate and international issues, and supports the strengthening of its central coordinating role in international affairs".

"Cooperation between the UN and the SCO has become a successful example of effective cooperation between the universal global and regional organizations", - stated Rashid Alimov. According to him, "synergistic effect of increasing cooperation on a wide range of directions of the two organizations will help to resolve the most pressing problems of our time, including the maintenance of global peace and security and sustainable development."

The SCO Secretary-General noted with regret that "the modern world does not become more predictable and secure, challenges and threats are multiplying, and their complicated nature and character." General Assembly Resolution on cooperation between the UN and the SCO, "calls for joint efforts by a wide range of areas of cooperation", - said Alimov.

"The SCO is open to all forms of mutual beneficial cooperation with the United Nations and is ready to continue the close and fruitful collaboration", - the SCO Secretary General summed up.

During the plenary session of the UN General Assembly also adopted a resolution on the strengthening of cooperation with the League of Arab States, the Organization for Economic Cooperation, the Council of Europe, Interpol and other organizations.