The SCO countries intend to strengthen foreign policy coordination within the UN

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The SCO countries intend to strengthen foreign policy coordination within the UN 23.11.2020 13:39

As follows from the Moscow Declaration of the Council of heads of SCO member States, the leaders of the Organization intend to strengthen foreign policy coordination within the UN, TASS writes.

The parties also plan to increase cooperation, hold consultations and develop contacts through the ministries of foreign Affairs, embassies and permanent missions of the SCO member States to the UN and other international organizations.

Transnational challenges and security threats, including terrorism, separatism, extremism, drug trafficking, organized crime and cybercrime, continue to grow, and the interconnectedness between them is growing. The SCO countries advocate " coordinated actions to mitigate these risks based on compliance with international law and respect for the national legislation of each state."

SCO members note the humanitarian focus of operations to return their own citizens from zones of armed conflict, most of them women and children. They attach particular importance to measures for the social rehabilitation and reintegration of citizens who are victims of terrorism.

Athletes and sporting events should not be used for political purposes, the SCO leaders said. They intend to help create favorable conditions for the development of physical culture and sports, strive to strengthen friendly relations through physical culture and sports, encourage athletes to participate in international sports competitions, strengthen cooperation in the development of Olympic, Paralympic and national sports, and promote direct contacts between sports federations.

The SCO countries confirm their common position that the crisis in Syria should be resolved through dialogue and ensuring the country's sovereignty. The importance of intensifying international efforts to assist Syria in the post-conflict reconstruction of the country and to assist in the return of refugees and internally displaced persons is emphasized.

In their Declaration, the SCO countries expressed concern about unilateral actions that undermine the mechanisms of global stability and arms control, as well as regret over the termination of the 1987 Treaty between the USSR and the United States on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles

The SCO countries also support the preservation of outer space free of weapons of any kind and state the importance of strict compliance with the current legal regime providing for the exclusively peaceful use of outer space.

In response to the threats of chemical and biological terrorism, the SCO countries confirmed the need to launch multilateral negotiations on an international Convention for the suppression of acts of chemical and biological terrorism at the conference on disarmament

The SCO is concerned about the illegal distribution of drugs and intends to jointly counter attempts to legalize the use of drugs for non-medical purposes, based on the unacceptability of drug legalization.

The countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization also opposed discriminatory measures in cyberspace that hinder the development of the digital economy.

According to the Declaration, the SCO leaders agreed to take coordinated steps to ensure peace and stability in Eurasia.

The SCO leaders called for further development of contacts with international and regional associations and organizations.

The member States will continue to strengthen cooperation within the SCO in order to bring it to a qualitatively new level and turn the SCO space into a region of lasting peace, strong friendship, universal prosperity and complete harmony.