The issue of multilateral cooperation in the healthcare sector of the SCO countries is as relevant as ever

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The issue of multilateral cooperation in the healthcare sector of the SCO countries is as relevant as ever 20.05.2020 14:13


According to the SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov, the coronavirus pandemic has become a serious challenge for the whole of mankind. The disease caused a financial and economic crisis and at the global level exposed problems in the field of health and social welfare.

Initially, COVID-19 gained distribution in China. At the same time, the authorities and people of this country with honor withstood the fight against the epidemic, breaking its peak in early March. The magnitude of the epidemic that has occurred in China has determined the need for preventive measures in the SCO countries.

When the virus arrived in other countries of the Organization, the population already had a general idea of ​​the degree of threat of the disease and sympathized with forced and restrictive measures.

The SCO countries maintain close contacts with each other at the level of heads of state, heads of ministries and departments responsible for health and the epidemiological situation.

At the height of the epidemic in China, SCO member states provided assistance to the Chinese government and moral support to the Chinese people. China is currently providing the necessary assistance to the SCO countries by sending humanitarian supplies, doctors and specialists.

Today, the issue of multilateral cooperation in the field of healthcare and ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population of the SCO countries is more relevant than ever.

As for the existing norms in the SCO, there are a number of important documents, working mechanisms have been created to ensure cooperation between the SCO member states in the field of health, in particular, it is a meeting of health ministers and a meeting of heads of services of the SCO member states responsible for ensuring sanitary -epidemiological well-being.

Of course, the pandemic has caused significant damage to the global economy. According to the forecasts of international institutions, the reduction in total consumption in the world as a whole this year may amount to 5-10%. The unemployment rate may increase to 6-10%.

Modern means of communication, the latest information technology make a great contribution to the fight against coronavirus. The experience gained in combating coronavirus nationally and internationally will lead to the creation of online platforms for training and the exchange of experience in the healthcare sector, including within the framework of the SCO.

The SCO Secretariat has ideas for organizing distance online education. Now, together with Weidong, a draft concept and platform is being prepared, which will be aimed at educating students in medical universities of interested states in the SCO space.

In order to prevent such crises from happening in the future, it is important to strengthen the capabilities of scientific forecasting and prevention of highly contagious diseases, summarize the most valuable experience in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, increase the effectiveness of the SCO's response mechanisms, update the legal framework for cooperation in the field of health, create optimal medical reserves drugs and equipment, to work out the legal and organizational aspects of interaction.