The forum of Eurasian integration opened in Sochi

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The forum of Eurasian integration opened in Sochi 18.04.2018 14:01

More than 200 representatives of 17 member countries and observers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization gathered today in Sochi for the second Forum of Eurasian Integration. Its main theme is the prospects for the development and strengthening of the SCO.

Now there are 8 countries in the SCO. Last year, India and Pakistan took part for the first time as full members of the organization. In addition, Iran and Afghanistan want to move from observer status to the status of permanent members. Representatives of these countries confirmed their intentions at the forum in Sochi.

"Afghanistan is at the center of the conflict. In the country and around it an unstable situation is taking place, therefore, in order to combat terrorism and normalize the situation in the state of Afghanistan it is important to become a member of the SCO. It is also important to be a full participant in the organization and on the economic side", said Mohammad Alam Isidyar First Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Afghanistan.

Economic cooperation is one of the important spheres of activity of the SCO member countries. As was announced today by experts at the forum, the destabilization of the ruble against the dollar and the euro could be a good impetus for the creation of the new economic model by the organization. Representatives of the SCO account for almost 25% of the world's gross product. It's not the first year that the organization has been talking about the establishment of a bank and a special account of the SCO. In the future, this should help strengthen the position of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.