The final document of the Second Sochi Eurasian Integration International Forum "Prospects for the Development and Strengthening of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

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The final document of the Second Sochi Eurasian Integration International Forum "Prospects for the Development and Strengthening of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization" 20.04.2018 14:07

Sochi, on April 18, 2018

The Final Document of the Second Sochi International Forum of
Eurasian Integration "Prospects for the Development and Strengthening of

the Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

17-18 April 2018

The creation and activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) testify to the emergence of a multipolar system of international relations and an independent multinational community.

The SCO's work is based on the principles of the Shanghai spirit: mutually beneficial cooperation, trust, political, economic, humanitarian and cultural interaction of the peoples and states of Eurasia. In the process of achieving its goals, the SCO categorically rejects violence, attempts to change political regimes, interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states and intervention, under any plausible pretexts they have not been carried out. The achieved degree of influence of the organization is the result of many years of efforts of the SCO member states to build this international system and its mechanisms. A significant proof of the SCO's attractiveness for the peoples and states of Eurasia is the accession to this respected organization in 2017 by India and Pakistan. We support the further extension of this organization across the Greater Eurasia space.

An important component of the SCO's activities is fruitful cooperation through public and non-governmental organizations, the expert community. In this regard, the holding of the Second International SCO Forum is important and relevant from the point of view of strengthening horizontal contacts on the track of people's diplomacy.

The Forum participants oppose the imposition on the peoples and states of Eurasia of political and economic models alien to them, attempts of dictatorship by extra-regional forces. The Forum participants harshly condemn the new missile strike on the long-suffering Syria on April 14, 2018. This act of aggression of the United States, Great Britain and France against a sovereign state, which opposes terrorism and extremism, not only does not contribute to the fight against world evil, it damages the intra-Syrian dialogue that has begun, but also brings the whole world to the threshold of a global military conflict.

The Forum participants are unanimous in the opinion that one of the main tasks of states in the space of Eurasia is the search for and implementation of mechanisms for protecting this common space from the threat of international terrorism. But terrorism cannot be won only by military means. To effectively combat this evil, efforts are needed to neutralize the sources of financing of terrorism, to combat the propaganda of this phenomenon in the information sphere, and to prevent extremism among young people who are sensitive to the manifestations of social injustice.

The Forum participants believe that the SCO site can serve as a basis for the integration of the regional integration projects of the Eurasian Economic Union, "One belt, one way", APEC, and for the formation of bilateral relations among the SCO countries among themselves and with third countries. The development of economic cooperation within the framework of the SCO is expedient in the direction of interaction and integration of efforts towards the transition to digital technologies; transport corridors and infrastructure projects that stimulate the growth of trade cooperation and development of the transit potential of the SCO countries.

The Forum participants attach great importance to the revival of the cultural heritage as a spiritual connection of the countries of the Greater Eurasia, as well as the development of the philosophical worldview and consciousness of Eurasian integration, the improvement of the quality of education and the integration of inter-ethnic relations. An important role here can be played by the development of cultural relations, cultural diplomacy not only in the public sector, but also private, the development of integration programs and their implementation for diplomats, public figures, artists, athletes and scientists. It is considered important to develop tourism as the most effective means of getting to know the culture of the SCO partner countries.

It seems relevant to expand educational ties through public, private and religious education. In terms of partnership of civilizations, an important role can be played by interreligious dialogue with a view to promoting tolerance and interaction among clergy. Forum participants offer the introduction of international television projects, the production of information magazines and bulletins of the SCO, the organization of cooperation among the SCO countries on environmental safety and monitoring of environmental issues and their information support.

Taking all the above-mentioned points into account, the Forum participants consider it important to continue the work of the Sochi International Forum as a permanent organization of the multilateral dialogue.