“The creation of a single Turkic space is one of the themes of the summit of the Turkic Council”

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“The creation of a single Turkic space is one of the themes of the summit of the Turkic Council” 21.10.2019 13:33


On October 15, a summit of the Turkic Council is taking place in Baku. The meeting will be attended for the first time by Uzbekistan, which has become the new full member of the CCTS, and the issue of electing Nursultan Nazarbayev as the Organization’s honorary chairman will be raised. Following the summit, a declaration will be signed.

Commenting on this event, the director of the Institute of Regional Problems, Dmitry Zhuravlev, noted that “after the entry of Uzbekistan, the essence of the CCTS will not change, but simply the form of the Organization will change, and it will be more adequate and real. In this case, the increasing role of Uzbekistan will be quite real and normal. ”

“Maybe the topic of Turkey and its current situation with America and Syria will be raised. Although, usually, such events are not raised at events of this magnitude, because the leaders of the states discuss only those issues that already have solutions, but in an informal atmosphere this topic will definitely arise”, the expert said.

Zhuravlev also assessed the prospect of expanding the Turkic Council, in particular, the accession to the CCTS of Turkmenistan: “The issue is in the specifics of Turkmenistan itself. The country is very specific not so much in culture as in politics. ” The expert noted that it is not yet clear how the country will manifest itself in the event of joining the Organization. However, the expert emphasized, Turkmenistan is a member of the Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY)”.

In conclusion, the expert commented on the election of Nursultan Nazarbayev as lifelong honorary chairman of the Organization: “this is a very right step. Because he has personal (not tied to the post of president of Kazakhstan) international authority, and this will only be in favor of the council”.