Sehar Kamran: The SCO will enhance its global status and significance by Pakistan’s admission

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Sehar Kamran: The SCO will enhance its global status and significance by Pakistan’s admission 04.05.2016 19:25

International Forum “On the second track. The role of Civil Society and Public Diplomacy in the further Development and expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”, held in Sochi, gathered representatives from 26 countries - eminent experts on international affairs, scientists and public figures. It was initiated by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Institute of the CIS countries.

Sehar Kamran Senator, member of the Committee on Defense, the Military Industry, Human Rights, Federal Education; President of the Center for the Study of Pakistan and the Persian Gulf countries, member of the Sochi forum told about the prospects of her country’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

- You have come from Pakistan, Pakistan, as you say, is willing to join the SCO. In your opinion, why is this organization promising for your country?

- First of all, I want to thank the organizers for the opportunity to speak to representatives of the conference, and I am sure that the very structure of the organization of the SCO, the expansion of which should take place in Tashkent in two months, will strengthen the organization not only by the participation of Pakistan, but also by other countries. We say that the organization is aimed at fighting extremism, cross-border crime, and the very role of the organization is increasing, bearing in mind the challenges that it faces. I am confident that these challenges can be met by working together. Separatism, extremism and terrorism - are the three main problems that we are able to fight successfully jointly.

- What can give Pakistan to the organization in terms of the integration process, given that the organization has two such powerful members as China and Russia, and India has plans to enter?

- We are talking about Pakistan; about the location of the country on the map, which is, above all, can be called a door or an open platform that will connect the various countries in this region. Of course, our cooperation, which is already increasing with China, above all, shows that we are a reliable partner, able to interact with the different structures at the state level. There are two large infrastructure projects, which are on the territory of the country in cooperation with our neighboring countries. In this sense, we are confident that our participation will supplement this opportunity to networking and pave the way of interaction between the various parties through the territory of our country. Without a doubt, it is worth noting Pakistan’s role in combating extremism, terrorism, and we have in this sense, some achievements and successes. But, nevertheless, we are confident that with the expansion of the SCO, with admission of more new members to the organization that the organization as a whole will enhance its global status and significance.