Security and economy - two keystones of the SCO sustainable development

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Security and economy - two keystones of the SCO sustainable development 21.01.2019 12:18



In the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization there are potentially dangerous territories, weakening control over the situation in which can automatically lead to the fact that they will carry a potential terrorist threat and be weakly manageable, said Andrei Grozin, head of the Central Asia department of the CIS countries.

“Statements by officials of the SCO states are focused on a single strategy. The strategy is, firstly, prevention, and secondly, maintaining the level of orientation towards upholding security.

According to Grozin, the SCO countries need to pay even more attention to the fight against terrorism, extremism and separatism, that is, to those areas that were identified as the main ones in the creation of the organization.

Security cooperation is the starting point of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, one of the important areas of its development. Over the years of its existence, the SCO has achieved notable success in standardizing security functions, strengthening the legal framework, improving cooperation mechanisms, expanding the scale of interaction, and improving the efficiency of joint work.

Security issues are closely related to political, economic, religious issues, as well as national issues. Central Asian states are located at a geopolitical crossroads, where the influence of large countries is quite significant. In the area of security, the region faces threats such as terrorism, religious extremism, drug trafficking and arms smuggling.

In the current international situation, the antiterrorist situation is becoming more complex and serious each day. The need for security for each country and region is becoming increasingly urgent.

It should not be forgotten that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a little differently than Western countries, looks at the problem of maintaining international peace and security. They are convinced that international terrorism is closely linked to ethnic separatism and religious extremism.

“Last spring, the SCO countries agreed to strengthen coordination in ensuring the security of international events and strategic transnational projects, including as part of China’s economic initiative,“ One Belt - One Way, ”said Zhao Kezhi, Minister of Public Security, member of the PRC State Council.

“The parties stressed the need to strengthen security in transnational strategic projects, including within the framework of the One Belt - One Way Initiative, and on important international events,” the Minister noted. - It is necessary to increase the level of cooperation in the field of security. The parties came to the unity that it is necessary to strengthen the exchange of information and conduct joint operations, as well as to increase the level of coordination and contacts between the line departments”.

Speaking about cooperation in the economic sphere, it is worth noting that in recent years the rise of trade protectionism in Western countries has become a significant risk factor for the development of the world economy. Against the background of the policies pursued by the United States and European countries, the SCO begins to play an important role in opposing trade protectionism.

The SCO Development Strategy until 2025 has a goal: to expand trade, economic and investment cooperation. Each of the countries, adhering to the SCO Charter, contributes to the simplification of trade and investment rules, accelerates the pairing of development strategies in the region, gradually moves towards the free movement of goods, capital, services and technologies. The member states of the organization expressed their intention to actively promote the creation of a free trade zone and the SCO Development Bank, deepen coordination and cooperation in the areas of customs duties, visa policy, protection of national trademarks and finance, gradually institutionalize economic cooperation in the region, and sign the SCO Agreement on Trade Facilitation.

Within the framework of the SCO, large-scale infrastructure construction projects are being developed in the field of transport and communications, and more and more new opportunities are opening up for investors. Currently, the Agreement is being implemented between the governments of the SCO member states on creating favorable conditions for international road transport, which contributes to unlocking the potential of cross-border transport in the region.

At present, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is manifesting itself as a dynamically developing regional international organization that prioritizes ensuring equal security and development opportunities for all countries in the region.