SCO Secretary General speaks at the First Caspian Forum in Turkmenistan

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SCO Secretary General speaks at the First Caspian Forum in Turkmenistan 14.08.2019 12:17

Speaking to the delegates of the First Caspian Forum held in the Avaza National Tourism Zone of the city of Turkmenbashi on August 12, SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov noted that the Forum in the tourism capital of Turkmenistan reflects the successes of the Turkmen people in socio-economic development and their significant contribution to the common efforts to strengthen relations between the Caspian littoral states.

According to him, the Caspian format forms a transport and transit hub not only at the regional but also at the global level, covering sea, land and energy routes.

The work is underway to coordinate documents on the development of roads, the creation of an integrated transport management system and the interaction of the railway administrations of the SCO member states.

In the process of forming regional transport routes, it is important to involve Afghanistan in order to stabilize the situation in this country.

It is also important to simplify customs and visa procedures in the region to synchronize and increase the efficiency of checkpoints at state borders.

On the sidelines of the first Caspian Economic Forum, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov met with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev.

The Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation noted that the event was an opportunity to discuss not only topics related to the forum, but also topics of bilateral cooperation, the implementation of a number of decisions, projects in the field of infrastructure, high technology.

It was noted that the turnover for 7 months exceeded by 15% of the last year. They also talked about the new VAT rate for agricultural imports, adopted at the initiative of the Russian government.