SCO praises China’s response to coronavirus

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SCO praises China’s response to coronavirus 12.03.2020 12:52



Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Vladimir Norov praised the measures taken by the Chinese authorities in the fight against coronavirus, which are already yielding positive results, writes TASS.

The contribution to the fight against the epidemic was made by the population of China, which demonstrated unity of mind, high consciousness. Over a billion people, regardless of their social status and financial situation, have been living in the same regime for several weeks, supporting the actions of the PRC leadership.

Norov recalled that the SCO Secretariat released a video in which he addressed the residents of Wuhan and the entire people of China with words of support for effective actions of the PRC government to combat coronavirus.

In addition, since the outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia, the SCO Secretariat has not suspended its activities, it worked as usual.

The building is disinfected daily, employees are regularly informed about the current epidemiological situation in Beijing and China, as well as personal hygiene rules, Norov said.

According to him, the Organization managed to adapt to force majeure and to carry out all previously planned events, including SCO observation missions in the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, meetings of the Council of SCO national coordinators and expert working groups in Moscow, Islamabad and Tashkent. The secretariat participated in the 82nd session of the Inland Transport Committee of the Economic Commission for Europe.

According to the SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov, in connection with the spread of the new coronavirus in the world, the Organization is considering a number of proposals for a quick response to outbreaks of infectious diseases, reports TASS.

The virus affected from the SCO member countries not only China, but also Russia and India, Pakistan. The disease spread to one of the observer states - Iran.

The Secretary General noted that the SCO countries actively support each other during the hours of a common threat, share their experience, methods and vision of the fight against infection.

The leaders of the countries of the Organization sent assistance in the form of medicines, equipment, protective clothing, as well as specialists. Joint efforts will accelerate the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.

The SCO secretariat sent a number of proposals for consideration by the relevant departments of the member states, including the development of a multilateral mechanism for prompt notification in the event of a focus of an infectious disease.

According to him, the issue of interaction in the healthcare sector is more relevant than ever, therefore, the SCO member countries agreed to regularly conduct exercises to identify and respond to emergency situations of a sanitary-epidemiological nature.

Currently, the existing mechanisms of interaction between the SCO countries on the prevention and non-proliferation of diseases are being fully implemented, the SCO Secretary General concluded.