SCO + One Belt and One Road: Current Status and Prospects

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SCO + One Belt and One Road: Current Status and Prospects 11.12.2019 09:10



As part of the 11-th China Foreign Investment Fair at the China State Conference Center in Beijing, on November 28, a dialogue was held on the topic: “SCO +“ One Belt and One Road”: Current Status and Prospect.”

The debate was held with the participation of officials, the diplomatic corps accredited in Beijing, entrepreneurs, specialists and scientists, more than 100 people in all.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the event, SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov noted that most of the Organization’s member states support the Chinese initiative “One Belt, One Road”.

The SCO provided a broad platform for the implementation of this project, which enriches the content of the "Shanghai spirit", which embodies mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, joint consultations, respect for cultural diversity, and the desire for joint development, he said.

During the open dialogue, the participants exchanged views on a wide range of issues in the areas of further development of mutually beneficial cooperation within the framework of the SCO and the OBOR.

The necessity of cooperation between the member states of the Organization in the development of the infrastructure of logistics centers connecting various types of transport, modernization of existing networks and transport facilities throughout the SCO space, acceleration of harmonization of standards in the field of transport, as well as phytosanitary rules was also noted.

A promising direction for further economic development in the SCO area is to increase the transit potential, namely: the construction of new railways, including along the route "China - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan".