Russian-Chinese relations gain additional opportunities for even larger development

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Russian-Chinese relations gain additional opportunities for even larger development 09.07.2019 18:06

Russian President Vladimir Putin Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a joint statement at the beginning of June to strengthen global strategic stability in the modern era.

The heads of the largest states of Eurasia noted that on “the majority of international and regional problems, their views coincide or are very close,” stressing the achievement of an “unprecedented high level” in bilateral relations between Russia and China.

Today, international security is facing serious challenges, in connection with which the parties intend to deepen mutual trust and strengthen cooperation in the strategic sphere, and protect global and regional strategic stability.

The heads of state signed joint statements on strengthening bilateral cooperation in a number of areas, as well as countering the destabilizing policies of the countries, among which the US was particularly noted.

In the sphere of international cooperation, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping agreed to “oppose political dictates and currency blackmail in international trade and economic cooperation, to condemn the desire of individual countries to confer the right to determine the feasibility and acceptable parameters of legitimate cooperation between other states non-proliferation to put pressure on countries they dislike.”

It is about the United States and the unleashing of a trade war by the American authorities. Russia and China also noted “extremely dangerous actions by individual states” in the form of attempts to pressure other countries, abandon existing agreements and develop a global missile defense system.

The leaders of the two countries noted a number of specific negative actions by the United States to violate global stability. In this regard, the joint statement of Russia and China in terms of the listed violations by the United States, both in terms of withdrawing from existing treaties and regarding US intentions to militarize space, was one of the harshest joint declarations of Moscow and Beijing to Washington, reflecting the intentions of the Russian Federation and China to counter the United States.

“I would especially note the Joint Statement on the Development of Comprehensive Partnership Relations and Strategic Interaction, entering a new era in which new ambitious goals and long-term guidelines for cooperation have been set,” Putin said.

Russia and China intend to develop the practice of settlements in national currencies. An intergovernmental agreement was concluded aimed at further expanding the use of rubles and yuan in bilateral trade, as well as ensuring uninterrupted banking services for transactions in conditions of instability in global markets.

“The joint statement we signed on strengthening global strategic stability in the modern era emphasizes the principled position of Russia and China on the unacceptability of destroying the existing system of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation agreements,” Putin said.

His Chinese colleague noted: “Over the past six years, we have met almost 30 times. Russia for me is the most visited foreign country, and President Putin for me is the closest friend and good colleague. This is the maximum reflection of the high level of bilateral relations and close strategic cooperation between China and Russia”.

“We have together summed up the development of our diplomatic relations over the past 70 years,” Xi Jinping reminded. - We believe that as a result of development over the past 70 years, Sino-Russian relations have already reached an unprecedented high level. New opportunities are opening up for us. And we decided that together we would extract historical experience in the spirit of good neighborliness, friendship, cooperation and win-win, develop our relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction in the new era, raise our bilateral relations to a new higher level”.

The parties intend to strengthen political mutual trust, build up mutual support, mutual assistance in matters relating to each other’s key interests, in the spirit of innovation, cooperation for the common gain, and promote relations in the new era for the benefit of two nations and peoples of all countries of the world.