Russia called on the SCO countries to help in rebuilding Syria

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Russia called on the SCO countries to help in rebuilding Syria 06.09.2018 12:40

The chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Army General Valery Gerasimov, offered the heads of the general staffs of the SCO states to take part in the humanitarian operation in Syria.

"I appeal to you with a proposal to take part in the humanitarian operation in Syria, where today a wide range of our practical cooperation is possible. It is mine clearance of the territory, joint patrolling, humanitarian assistance and restoration of infrastructure, "Gerasimov said.

He noted that the SCO states unite unified priorities, such as good-neighborliness, mutually beneficial cooperation, regional stability and security.

"We face common challenges and threats, primarily from international terrorism, which is clearly confirmed by recent events. Recently, it is obvious to everyone that it is possible to ensure security only through joint efforts, "Gerasimov concluded.

The war in Syria led to catastrophic destruction. According to the estimates of the World Bank (MB), the civil conflict and the war with terrorists in Syria destroyed 7% and damaged 20% of the housing stock. Killed up to 470,000 people and more than half of the citizens became refugees. The cumulative loss of GDP at the end of 2016 was estimated by the MB at $226 billion. The war destroyed thousands of enterprises. To restore the country, according to experts, it will take at least a trillion dollars.

The permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, the other day said that the United Nations occupies a passive position in the restoration of Syria.

"The United Nations, especially the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, must play a major role in the return of the Syrians to their homes," Nebenzia said.

According to him, the internal directive of the UN Secretariat, developed at the end of last year by the Department of Political Affairs without consulting with member countries, hinders the involvement of UN agencies in the efforts to restore Syria before the political changes in this country.

The scientific leader of the Institute of Applied Oriental and African Studies, Said Gafurov, believes that, in addition to Russia, China and India will actively join the process of rebuilding Syria.

"The question is raised about the restoration of the Iraqi and Syrian economies, and now there will be very fierce competition for that will do it: we, the Iranians, the Chinese or the Indians. This is all very real, very vital, and very important. The war is already a passed stage, now we are talking about the restoration. In Syria it is already clear to everybody who won the war and who lost. The question is only about whom and how Syria will be restored, because the future of Syria, in principle, no one doubts, neither us nor the Americans," Gafurov believes.

Russia is ready to use the experience of restoring post-war Europe to help reconstruct the war-torn Syrian infrastructure. This was announced by the head of the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, at a meeting of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Foreign Ministry in July.

He believes that in the course of solving the vital tasks for the Syrian people to restore the country, it is necessary to use historical experience. "Here we can turn to history and the Russian state. I believe that the experience of our Motherland in the restoration of the national economy after the Great Patriotic War has no analogues. The period of restoration of our country, initially estimated at 15 years, was reduced several times. In five years the country became the world's second most powerful economic power," Mizintsev recalled.

According to the military, to help restore Syria, "it is necessary to use the domestic post-war experience of rebuilding the country, as well as useful solutions used in other states affected by modern local wars and armed conflicts."

Syrian President Bashar Assad confirmed at the end of last year that Russia will become the main participant in the process of the country's reconstruction. This is not surprising, since it was she who officially became a party to the fight against terrorism; it was Russia that inflicted decisive blows on militants.

According to the Syrian leader, the victories achieved in the fight against terrorism in Syria created the necessary conditions for the reconstruction of the country after the devastation. The restoration process opens up broad economic prospects for cooperation between the two states. Taking into account the historical relations between the two countries and Russia's services to Syria in the context of countering terrorism, Russia becomes a natural important partner in the process of rebuilding the country in various sectors.