Patrushev: in the context of the pandemic, the SCO countries have passed the test of strength with dignity

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Patrushev: in the context of the pandemic, the SCO countries have passed the test of strength with dignity 13.10.2020 11:28

According to the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) have passed a worthy test of strength.

During the meeting with his colleagues, Patrushev stressed that the consequences of the pandemic have yet to be fully analyzed by countries. It is also important to develop a collective approach. "We need to think together about what lessons can be learned for the development of cooperation within the SCO. In the field of biological safety," he said.

It is noted that at the meeting, which was held for the first time via videoconference, the parties touched upon the fight against terrorism, as well as discussed the problems of illegal trade in weapons and drugs.

According to the SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov, suggestions that a regional international Association may turn into NATO are groundless.

Norov recalled that in the Declaration on the establishment of the organization, the founding States declared their commitment to the goals and principles of the UN Charter, noting that the SCO's activities are not directed against other states.

In his words, the security and stability mechanisms developed within the organization, as well as the legal framework for cooperation based on mutual trust, ensure stable stability in the SCO region, despite the growing challenges and threats. In addition, the number of countries wishing to join the SCO is growing every year.

The Secretary General noted that the dialogue with observers is one of the priority areas of the SCO's activities, in particular on the anti-terrorist line, on the implementation of the anti-drug strategy and the program of trade and economic cooperation.

The SCO countries jointly contribute to the formation of a global anti-terrorist front under the auspices of the UN. In addition, they are ready to adopt an action plan for the transition to interaction in the field of digital technologies.

The organization has "gained good momentum" in developing relations with the UN, which sees the SCO as an important regional player and is aimed at working closely together, Norov concluded.