New Russian Research Institute Opens In Beijing

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New Russian Research Institute Opens In Beijing 27.12.2019 15:30


The grand opening of the Russian Institute and the scientific conference "A New Era of Russian-Chinese Strategic Cooperation" took place at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

The objective of the Russian Institute will be to develop research on the Russian Federation in areas strategically important for both countries, to promote Sino-Russian scientific and innovative cooperation, and the exchange of students, graduate students and scientists.

The Russian Institute was created by a joint decision of the leaders of Russia and China.

The event was held with the participation of the rector of Tsinghua University, the chairman of the Sino-Russian Friendship Society, the former Chinese ambassador to Russia and other officials.

Chinese participants emphasized that the Russian Research Institute at Tsinghua University will promote practical cooperation between the PRC and the Russian Federation and other Russian-speaking countries in the field of strategic research, scientific and technological innovation, and training of specialists, reports “Poisk”.