Mohammad Alam Izidyar: Victory over terrorism in Afghanistan is in the interests of all countries in the region

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Mohammad Alam Izidyar: Victory over terrorism in Afghanistan is in the interests of all countries in the region 17.04.2018 12:06

Today, the Sochi Eurasian Integration Forum, organized by the CIS Institute, started its work in Sochi, on the first day of its work the first deputy chairman of the Meshrano Jirga (upper house of the Afghan parliament) Mohammad Alam Isidyar.

The representative of the Senate leadership dedicated his speech to threats of terrorism and extremism, as well as joint efforts of regional states to overcome these challenges.

Izidyar noted that Afghanistan is among the countries affected by the crisis caused by the war, unleashed by terrorist and extremist groups in the region. He drew attention to the fact that these forces destabilize the situation in Afghanistan in the calculation of the movement of war and to other countries beyond its borders.

"The war in Afghanistan is relevant not only to our country and our government", the deputy chairman stressed. "This is not a war, the losses from which will be limited only by our country ... The war in Afghanistan and the danger of terrorism in this country are a threat to all the states of the region and the world, and therefore the achievement of peace and stability in Afghanistan is equally in the interests of the region and the world and is regarded as an important factor capable of unraveling the knots of many problems".

Representative Meshrano Jirga noted the need for cooperation at the world and regional level in the fight against terrorism and instability, which is the source of this threat. He expressed hope that the SCO countries will be able to cope with the problem of terrorism in Afghanistan, which threatens the entire region, and stressed the importance of concrete measures in this direction.

At the same time, Isidyar expressed confidence that terrorism cannot be defeated solely by military means, since it also requires the elimination of the socio-political, economic and cultural prerequisites of this problem by the efforts of the countries of the region and the world.

The senator highly appreciated the SCO's possibilities for restoring peace, stability and sustainable development of Afghanistan, saying that this opinion is shared by the majority of parliamentarians, as well as by many civil organizations and political structures of his country.

"We hope that Afghanistan will be able to become a full-fledged and equal member of this important regional and international organization", Isidyar said. "This membership is very important for the joint struggle against terrorism and the development of various aspects of life in Afghanistan."

The deputy chairman noted the importance of the revival of historical ties between Afghanistan and the SCO countries in the political, economic and cultural spheres in order to stabilize the situation in the IRA, and expressed hope for the active participation of Russia and China in activities in this direction, the correspondent of reports.