Leo Krishtapovich: SCO is the future planetary center of power

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Leo Krishtapovich: SCO is the future planetary center of power 04.05.2016 16:17

Deputy Director of the Information Analytical Center at the Presidential Administration of Belarus, Ph.D. Leo Krishtapovich spoke about the prospects of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

- You are the representative of Belarus in this forum. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is expanding; two members India and Pakistan are going to join the organization. And how does the expert community in Belarus, public authorities relate to the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

- I would say that both the authorities and the expert community refer to the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization positively. Why? This is really the time of formation of the planetary center of power. I would say not just a regional center but of planetary scale. And from this point of view, it is the future for all the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization including the republic of Belarus, which is an observer in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Of course, it is one of the aspects of successful and economic and civilizational development of our republic. So I think we should see here a triple effect of the expansion and strengthening of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: civilization, the process of consolidation of large-scale civilizations, Russian civilization, which is, in general, not just the unique and universal civilization, which is characterized by its planetary space and time parameters, and Chinese civilization, which is the only, as estimated by the Chinese experts in the history of mankind as a secular civilization.

The potential joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization by India as a civilization, which is the ancestral home of the European people, indeed will have a huge effect on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. And I think also a political effect - Russia and China do form in this case a single Eurasian continental civilization. By its scale, resources, population, raw materials, energy and technology in the end it has no equal in the world. From this point of view, this is a huge strategic advantage of all the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Because a huge Eurasian civilization is being created, this will actually determine the face of this planet. And a strategic advantage of the United States, as the access to two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, will actually turn into a strategic disadvantage. The United States will represent a remote island from this great Eurasian continental civilization. And the international legal effect, that strengthening of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, consolidation of the strategic partnership between Russia and China will to ensure the process of solving the problem of justice of activities by international financial institutions, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. And this is the key issue for countries with transitional economies, which the Western countries have promised to resolve, while the financial world economic crisis.

Let us recall, the International Forum “On the second track. The role of civil society and public diplomacy in the further development and expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization” finished its work on April 20 in Sochi. The organizer of the event was the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Institute of the CIS countries.

For two days in the congress hall of the hotel “Radisson SAS Lazurnaya” three working sessions of the Forum were held. They were more than 300 participants from 26 countries of the SCO member states, observer countries, partner countries in dialogue and promising for the organization listened to more than 120 expert reports on the world order, security and counter-terrorism, economy and entrepreneurship, the environment and conservation of the environment, education and science, the interaction of cultures and religions.