Leading Experts Discuss Russia's Role in the Development of the SCO

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Leading Experts Discuss Russia's Role in the Development of the SCO 17.05.2019 10:08

A round-table discussion on the theme “The Role of Russia in the Development of the SCO” was held at the «Russia Today» International News Agency in Moscow. The event was held before the meeting of the SCO Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, which will be held in Bishkek on May 21 on the eve of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit scheduled for June 13-14.

Leading experts discussed the priorities of the upcoming Russian chairmanship, the role of Russia in the SCO, the involvement of expert and business communities in the development and implementation of joint projects aimed at developing economic and humanitarian cooperation in the SCO space and many others.

The role of the SCO for Russia is to unite its neighboring states on the eastern vector. Despite the difference in political positions, the participating countries highly value cooperation in the Shanghai field, find common points of view in the implementation of various projects, in their views on common problems. Everyone understands the need to expand cooperation within the SCO.

“The Shanghai Cooperation Organization can now serve as a kind of mini-UN. At the SCO site, we are able to solve or offer solutions to any international or regional problems, take initiatives, which we are trying to do, ”said Igor Arzhayev, deputy director of the Department of Asian and Pacific Cooperation at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He said that about forty documents are being prepared for the SCO summit in Bishkek. The heads of state will discuss security issues. Much attention will be paid to economic topics, since the economic component is still inferior to the political agenda.

According to Arzhayev, currently there is a discussion on the creation of financial support for the activities of the SCO - the SCO Development Bank, as well as the SCO Special Account.

“The topic of expanding settlements in national currencies is promising. The Russian Ministry of Finance has prepared questions for partners, since there are different legislative bases, pitfalls. It is necessary to find the optimal algorithm for solving this problem, ”the diplomat is convinced.

“China confirms its interest in increasing investments in the SCO, sharing good advice, and providing various kinds of assistance,” said Su Fantsiu, the plenipotentiary minister of the Chinese Embassy in Russia. The minister added that the SCO "has a bright and broad perspective."

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, Head of the Russian National Part of the SCO Youth Council, Denis Kravchenko noted that in light of recent events caused by globalization processes, as well as significant economic, socio-political and geopolitical changes in the world, it is the countries of Central Asia that are exposed to modern threats to security.

“To strengthen regional stability, they need to give a serious collective response to any challenges in the framework of Eurasian integration processes,” Kravchenko is convinced. - As the main cause for concern in the countries of Central Asia can be noted the difficult situation in Afghanistan. The existing mechanisms and capabilities of the SCO can be used to address the issue of the terrorist threat, eradicating the drug production base, ensuring the sustainable economic development of Afghanistan, creating conditions for achieving long-term security and prosperity in the region. ”

Kravchenko noted that there are a lot of problems facing Central Asia and it will be possible to find adequate answers to these threats only by joint efforts. In his opinion, in the future, the SCO has every chance of becoming one of the key supporting structures of the world order and ensuring security in the Eurasian region.

After the summit of the heads of the SCO member states, the chairmanship in the Organization passes to Russia. It is expected that the key theme of its chairmanship will be the security sphere, taking into account the growing threats emanating from the Middle East, from Afghanistan.