Forum of Eurasian integration completed its work in Sochi

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Forum of Eurasian integration completed its work in Sochi 19.04.2018 14:23



The Second Sochi Eurasian Integration Forum completed its work. More than 200 participants from 16 countries, working in 3 sections, over 80 reports and the adoption of the final document - a rich program of the forum made it possible once again to clearly define the role of civil society and people's diplomacy in the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The participants of the forum also did not remain without attention the latest developments in the Middle East, which exemplified the perniciousness of imposing political and economic models alien to them by the peoples and states of Eurasia.

"Cooperation in the field of tourism, the expansion of educational ties, and the provision of transport corridors to maximize the use of the transit potential of the SCO countries - all this was the subject of discussion during our work", said the executive secretary of the Organizing Committee of the Sochi Forum, Konstantin Zatulin. "And, of course, we could not help reacting to the threat of global confrontation in the final document, which was strengthened by the actions of the US and its allies in the Middle East region".

The third Sochi forum of Eurasian integration is tentatively scheduled for 2020. This is not excluded, and the annual format of its holding, in which case the participants from the SCO countries will again gather in Sochi in 2019.


Press Service of the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation