Experts told what awaits relations between Russia, India and China after the pandemic

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Experts told what awaits relations between Russia, India and China after the pandemic 12.08.2020 13:57

During the discussion entitled "the World economy after the COVID-19 pandemic", the webinar of the Valdai International discussion club and the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) of India discussed the prospects for the world economy after the coronavirus pandemic, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

The experts discussed what may change in the near future, given the rapidly changing international situation and the deterioration of relations between India and China.

According to Mihir Swarup Sharma, senior researcher and head of the ORF Economics and growth program, "peace after the pandemic" is still a distant future for India, since a quarter of all coronavirus cases in the world are residents of this country.

It will be difficult for New Delhi to establish relations with China within the framework of BRICS and other multilateral groups, given the difficulties in the political and geopolitical sphere.

According to Alexey Zakharov, a researcher At the center for Indian studies At the Institute of Oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, many Russian businessmen have a wrong idea about India and the Indian market. These difficulties need to be addressed. At the same time, the volume of trade between the countries in rubles is increasing. This means that countries circumvent sanctions and make transactions in national currencies.

ORF researcher Hrittika Passi believes that " large international institutions, such as the WTO and the G20, lack confidence today." The BRICS development Bank is a good alternative to such organizations, as it "increases the role of non-Western players in the global economy". Given that countries are trying to increase their own domestic capabilities, these factors may have a positive impact on the creation of new trade and economic ties between India and Russia.

According to the Director Of the center for Chinese-Russian strategic interaction of the CITIC Foundation for the study of reforms and development, kun Dan, Beijing and Moscow should strengthen technological cooperation and increase payments in national currencies under pressure from the West, RIA Novosti reports.

After the coronavirus outbreak, the US behaved irresponsibly, the old world order is collapsing, where Washington dominates, but a new one has not yet been formed, the expert said.

Speaking at an online discussion organized by the Valdai international discussion club, he stressed that countries are under pressure from the United States. At the same time, Russia has been under pressure from the West for many years.

"It is important to change the situation of dependence of our payment systems on dollars, to increase the volume of payments in national currencies, to strengthen our influence in the field of pricing of major commodities, so that some countries do not benefit from the volatility of commodity prices," he said.

China and Russia should strengthen technological cooperation to end Western blockages and minimize risks, as well as cooperate in the field of information, food, biological, energy and transport security, so that external forces cannot destroy the cooperation between the two countries.

In addition, we need to jointly create a regional economic order, promote the integration of the One belt - one road initiative and the EEU, strengthening cooperation on infrastructure development.