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Disservice 12.10.2018 15:06


On September 27, the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved the allocation of $250 million to ensure the security of Ukraine. The decision was made during consideration of amendments to the draft budget for the 2019 fiscal year (in the United States it begins on October 1). Of this amount, $50 million should be directed to the supply of lethal weapons. Earlier, the Pentagon agreed to allocate Ukraine $200 million for the purchase of military equipment and the training of military personnel. Moreover, in 2014, military aid to Kiev from the United States amounted to approximately $1 billion.

However, in addition to financial assistance, Ukraine also requires providing it directly with weapons. So, for example, Kiev requested from Washington three batteries of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system, unmanned aerial vehicles, counter-battery radars and counter-sniper systems. As the US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said, this is a completely justified demand, because “they (the Ukrainian authorities) lose soldiers every week defending their country ... And, of course, they need support with lethal weapons because they are shot at.”

It does not matter that this contradicts the reports of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, which regularly records shelling from the Ukrainian side, and sometimes its representatives themselves come under fire from mortars and artillery of the armed forces of Ukraine.

Kurt Volker also said that the US is considering options for helping Ukraine with the strengthening and restructuring of its naval forces and the creation of a national air defense system. However, in reality, this will require at least a tenfold increase in US military aid to Kiev, which Washington is unlikely to do.

It is clear that the United States is not interested in the implementation of the Minsk-2 agreements, which envisaged an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons to the agreed distances. It was this in conjunction with other measures that was supposed to ensure peace in the Donbas.

Supplies of modern weapons to Kiev will inevitably provoke an aggravation of the situation along the front line. Especially during the preparation for the presidential and parliamentary elections, this should be held in Ukraine next year.

Acting as a party to the armed conflict, the Americans and their allies actively involve the Ukrainian military in various kinds of exercises and maneuvers. Thus, they create an illusion from official Kiev that a country can join NATO in the foreseeable future. Although it is obvious to all that the national armed forces are only moving towards the standards of the alliance, and the country as a whole is infinitely far from the so-called Western values.

On the other hand, Western economic sanctions imposed, for example, after the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777 in the Donetsk region continue to operate against Russia. And no facts from the Russian side are taken into account, primarily for political reasons. At the same time, Moscow’s proposals, for example, on the introduction of peacekeepers into the zone of armed conflict are considered in the interpretation of Kiev.

One gets the impression that the leading European states (primarily Germany and France, as members of the “Norman format” of negotiations) are increasingly evading the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis. The United States and even more-only exacerbate the confrontation within the country. As a result, not only military personnel, but also civilians continue to die in the Donbass, which is not paid due attention in the West.

Thus, American military assistance is needed not for Ukraine, but for its corrupt elite seeking to stay in power. The destabilizing nature of this assistance is unquestionable, which requires, at a minimum, condemnation from the international community.