Dalbir Singh: Russia is our elder brother!

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Dalbir Singh: Russia is our elder brother! 05.05.2016 16:27

The participants of the International Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the final declaration of the two-day meeting in Sochi declared their support for the development of multilateral cooperation among peoples and states in Eurasia.

Secretary of Party Committee of the Indian National Congress Dalbir Singh spoke about the benefits of the SCO membership for his country.

- India is preparing to become the SCO member and initiative has already been declared the forum in Ufa last year. What can this organization give to your state?

- I think that India will soon join the SCO as a full member. Indeed, the proposal was announced in Ufa and now work is well under way. We are very glad to be a part of such a powerful regional organization. We are also pleased that Russia is a part of this organization already, with which we have a very long and very strong relationship. I think that such strong and long-term relationships can be used as an example for many other countries. In addition, membership of Inia in the SCO carries a lot of advantages because we have a lot of interests in Central Asia. In particular, you know that Indian own oil production is not enough, and we need hydrocarbons, we also need uranium. In this regard, we would be very pleased to become part of a strong regional group.

- Together with India, Pakistan enters the SCO. There are certain territorial problems between your countries. SCO has shown that it can address these issues; in particular Russia and China have distributed their border. In your opinion, whether it is possible to resolve certain problems that exist between India and Pakistan in frames of the SCO?

- Membership in the same organization is always an opportunity to sit down together and to negotiate, because current problems can only be solved by sitting at the same table and by negotiating, and I think a significant option for us is that Russia is the SCO member and Russia is like our elder brother. The fact that we have problems with Pakistan, does not prevent our common membership in regional organizations such as BRICS, we are also joint members with China, with whom we have also had disagreements. I think that the joint membership in this organization on the contrary will serve to further resolution of these issues.