CIS summit - a plan for solving acute problems

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CIS summit - a plan for solving acute problems 14.10.2019 12:14



CIS Summit is important in that it is a platform for discussing acute joint problems, said Andrei Manoilo, professor at Lomonosov,Moscow State Universit in an interview with Infoshos.

On October 11, a meeting of the heads of the CIS member states is taking place in the capital of Turkmenistan. Within the framework of the summit, it is planned to discuss economic, social issues, as well as security in the region.

“The importance of the CIS summit lies in the fact that this is another platform for discussing urgent tasks and problems that can only be solved by joining forces. This ties the CIS countries together,” Manoilo said

The expert emphasized that the interaction of the countries during the summit “will help to solve very many acute contemporary problems. For example, in the fight against organized transnational international crime, terrorism, drug transit, etc”.

“The main will be two blocks of issues: security and the economy. Security is understandable to everyone, since all members of the Organization coincide in this aspect, and interaction coincides on coincidence.

As for the economy, it will be more difficult here. This is due to the fact that those countries that need investments, injections and donations see the summit as an opportunity to receive these injections through new cooperation programs”, he said.

Speaking about bilateral cooperation between Russia and Turkmenistan, Manoilo noted that it does not develop as we would like.

“The interaction could take on a much larger scale, there are no obstacles to this,” the expert noted.

In conclusion, the professor appreciated the prospect of creating a declaration of joint economic development of the CIS. According to him, in the declaration, the parties express their solidarity in their views on certain issues, which ultimately contributes to the unification.