China put forward five initiatives within the SCO framework in the field of security

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China put forward five initiatives within the SCO framework in the field of security 21.09.2020 13:25

The fifteenth consultations of the national security advisers of the member States of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) were held in the format of a video conference.

At the event, China was represented by a member of the country's state Council, Minister of public security Zhao Kezhi, who put forward five security initiatives.

According to him, the SCO countries need to constantly interact, using the most advanced technologies, including taking into account the coronavirus. It is also important to step up joint efforts to prevent external interference in the Affairs of sovereign States.

Third, the SCO should focus on the fight against terrorism, paying attention to the sphere of cyberspace, where extremists have become more active.

The problem of combating illicit drug trafficking remains urgent. Kezhi pointed out that it is necessary to have time to respond to new manifestations of this threat. In particular, to fight the spread of drugs through the Internet, as well as monitor the appearance of new psychoactive substances.

Cybersecurity issues currently require the closest attention. It is necessary to consolidate efforts to create international legal norms regulating relations in the digital space, the Minister said, speaking about the fifth initiative of Beijing.