Bulat Sultanov: We need to promote “the spirit of Shanghai”

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Bulat Sultanov: We need to promote “the spirit of Shanghai” 04.05.2016 13:18

The director of the Kazakhstan International and Regional Cooperation Research Institute Bulat Sultanov said that the spirit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization should be adopted. He made this statement in the framework of the Forum “On the second track” held in Sochi on 19-20 April 2016.

- From your point of view, civil diplomacy or public diplomacy, which is discussed today what role do they play in the development, in the consolidation of positions of the SCO in the creation of its positive image?

- Today we are witnessing that diplomacy within the European Union cannot cope with its responsibilities, so that the diplomacy of the European Union has turned into such a bureaucratic system, detached from the aspirations of ordinary people. And the wave of migration crisis has clearly shown it. Residents, for example, in Germany live among own interests and bureaucrats in Brussels live in other interests, peculiar only to them. Therefore, of course, in the SCO space we need to do as much as possible in order not to go off the trodden path. We were very often said that European integration is a model, and we need to be equal to it, but the time so rapidly makes its own adjustments and proves the need to go their own way. In this case, it is necessary to agree that the SCO repeats European path. Bureaucrats, I mean professional diplomats gather, discuss, take some decisions, but those high ideas of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization do not get to ordinary people. And if one asks ordinary civilian, what the SCO is, what it is created for, that you personally get from this, I think, 99% respondents would answer that they do not know anything. Therefore, public diplomacy is needed. I think the track that we present today is a supplement of the official track. That is, it is necessary to convey to the professional diplomats the problems that concern ordinary people, at the same time not to give our diplomats to rest on our laurels, because we say: the 15th anniversary of the SCO, the 20th anniversary of the Shanghai Five - unfortunately, an ordinary person will not get anything, and in the future probably will not get anything if our diplomats, our officials are not turning to face the ordinary people.

- It turns out that at present the SCO, as well as the BRICS, the informal organization, such a platform for dialogue, and not some kind of integration formation? What, in principle, in your case, can the organization provide to Kazakhstan in the future? What can the organization provide to other members, taking into account possible problems, include territorial, in the case of accession of India and Pakistan in the organization?

- The change in the international situation leads to the fact that the picture of the seemingly long-established things is changing. When the SCO was created there was no such confrontation between the West and the East, there was a unipolar world. The world in the area in economics, politics, and in the area of police was also ruled out from a glorious city. And it was not until as long as the world understood one very important thing: any monopoly leads to decay. And that is why a number of countries the so-called developing countries decided to some extent influence the situation in the world and is the first group, the core - Russia, India and China. Later they were joined by Brazil and South Africa that recognized the malignancy of a monopoly. And as always when someone spoke against the mass repression of economic and non-economic nature were imposed. I think a media war is going on and it is aimed to put the state and the leaders of those countries, which encroached on the monopoly of the state on the place to discourage others. And I think more and more people understand the appropriateness of that movement, the ideals advocated by a group of states, which of course have first accumulated certain economic fat, and then acted with political slogans. Therefore, if we consider the SCO a 20-year-old and the SCO today, of course, the situation has changed radically. If before we could talk about the fact that SCO has decided to question the border if the SCO has decided to reduce the question of the military presence, then, thank God, this can calm down. But as we have seen, when the state, in violation of international law begins to impose economic sanctions against those who disagree with him, even if they are Security Council members, or even nuclear club members, it says that not everything is all right in the world, there is no international law, and therefore, the Shanghai cooperation organization is now existing completely in another field and serves of all other expectations. First and foremost, it should be viewed as a kind of organization that may in some way show to the international community how to solve the territorial and border issues, as the need to address global challenges of global and regional policy in the so-called Shanghai spirit.

- Eurasian Union and the SCO, Pacific cooperation and SCO how do these organizations compete if they are not a barrier to SCO?

- Last May the question of the linking of the Eurasian Economic Union, the economic belt of the Silk Road was decided, but the Eurasian Economic Union is an organization which has developed an organization that raises the question of establishing a free trade zone and has very good prospects for the future. And the economic belt Silk Road is the only project that is a good project, but it is only a draft. How can the project be combined with the organization? But, nevertheless, there is laid an interesting message and you need to think about the future, about the conjunction of economic zone with the organization that will take real shape. That is, it is a transit corridor from China to Europe via Central Asia. So one does not need to fall into euphoria, you just have to think how to do it and what to follow the spirit of the Shanghai organization - mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation, and in any case no interference in internal affairs. Therefore, for example, we in Kazakhstan take it easy, especially because we support the idea of linking the Eurasian Economic Union and the economic belt of the Silk Road. At the same time, within this large integration project we advocate to combine our Kazakh integration project with other transit projects such as the economic belt of the Silk Road. That is, there is complementarity, and we thus believe that the SCO, is a good contract area, whose potential today is great as we move from a unipolar world to a multipolar world, because no one knows what sort of mines are laid, which will surge . But the spirit of Shanghai, we need to adopt, and we need to promote it.