BRICS and SCO summits will be held in St. Petersburg

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BRICS and SCO summits will be held in St. Petersburg 01.08.2019 11:37

The BRICS and SCO summits under the chairmanship of Russia in these organizations will be held in St. Petersburg, and not in Chelyabinsk, as previously planned. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexei Texler. The head of state added that other events under the chairmanship of Russia in these organizations will be held in Chelyabinsk.

“We planned two major international events in Chelyabinsk - the SCO and BRICS. In one of the organizations we already began to chair the other, the chairmanship will be transferred to us next year. But due to the growth and increase in the number of participants in these events, we will have to events in two cities. In Chelyabinsk, we will hold a number of events, but the summit itself will be in St. Petersburg, "said the President of Russia.

He added that many international events of the SCO and BRICS will be held in Chelyabinsk. “And, most importantly for you, we will keep the federal resource provided for the preparation of the city for these activities, federal money that will be spent on the development of the city,” the Russian leader added.

In turn, Texler thanked for the decision to keep the previously provided amount of federal funds. "I think that we will hold another international event at the state level in the future. And now it’s important that Chelyabinsk be one of the sites of Russia's presidency in the SCO and BRICS. We will have nearly three dozen events, we will be visited by thousands of people. the money will remain, and we will really direct them to the development of the infrastructure, we are already doing it, ”added the head of the region.

In particular, according to him, with these funds it is planned to develop roads, build new interchanges, engage in landscaping, repairing the facades of buildings, repairing the airfield complex.

"Plus, we will save a little more money due to the fact that the heads of state will not come to us, and we will just send this money to the social sphere," the acting governor concluded.