Beijing Forum "One Belt and One Way" - a landmark event for Eurasia

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Beijing Forum "One Belt and One Way" - a landmark event for Eurasia 24.04.2017 12:59

The forum "One belt and one way" which is scheduled for May 14-15 in Beijing will be the main foreign policy event for Eurasia this year. It will be attended by about twenty heads of state located on the Economic belt of the Silk Road (ESRP).

Russian President Vladimir Putin will also leave for Beijing. This will be his first meeting this year with Chairman Xi Jinping. It will give an opportunity to discuss face to face not only the impressions of the first hundred days of Donald Trump's presidency and the rapidly changing situation in the world, but also consider issues related to the agenda of the forum - interaction on the Silk Road.

It is this interaction that makes it possible to put the bilateral strategic partnership of the two powers on a critically important, reliable trade and economic basis. Only large-scale new projects can revitalize the cooperation of two huge neighboring countries.