Azerbaijan should join the SCO - Lilia Mirzazade is sure

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Azerbaijan should join the SCO - Lilia Mirzazade is sure 19.04.2018 10:51

Azerbaijan for the SCO member countries is not only an energy and transport corridor, but also a strong humanitarian partner, the expert is sure.

Azerbaijan's accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will not only help the republic itself, but also the organization as a whole, said Lilia Mirzazade, head of the North Caucasus Department of the Caucasus Studies Institute of the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences, during her speech at the Eurasian Integration Forum "Prospects for Development and Strengthening SCO ", which took place on April 17-18 in Sochi.

"There is a place for the SCO in Azerbaijan, this organization exists for the countries to get to know each other better and build a peaceful policy". They did not stigmatize, they did not fight, they solved their problems in a civilized way, even the fact that such irreconcilable rivals as Israel and Iran submitted applications for membership in the SCO, says a lot",- said the expert.

In her opinion, the Shanghai organization should not remain closed, even if an increase in the number of participating countries can "dilute" the overall objectives. Participation in the SCO, Mirzazade noted, is an important peacemaking process, and there will be more benefits from new participants anyway.

The expert is also sure that Azerbaijan has much to offer to the community of the SCO countries. In her opinion, Azerbaijan's participation will be useful not only for the country, but for the organization itself. Azerbaijan is additional transport corridors, it is oil and gas, and this is a rich humanitarian cooperation.

"After all, our country is truly multicultural, multi-ethnic, as opposed to the neighbor - Armenia We are at home together celebrate all religious holidays:. And Novruz holiday, and Christmas, and Passover Once I congratulated his Russian friends with the Novruz holiday. , I thought that they had nothing to do with him, and my friends started to write and call me! " - she said.

Such little details are given little importance, but they are the ones that bring people together, Mirzazade concluded.