Afghanistan has a chance to SCO membership only in the long term

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Afghanistan has a chance to SCO membership only in the long term 22.04.2016 14:05

Afghanistan can become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the long term, noted at a recent international conference Stanislav Chernijavsky, Director of the Center for Post-Soviet Studies of the MGIMO Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

International Forum “On the second track. The role of civil society and public diplomacy in the further development and expansion of the SCO” with the participation of representatives from more than 25 countries was held from 19 to 20 April in Sochi. The event was organized by the Institute of the CIS countries with the support of Russian public organizations.

“Afghanistan has a real chance to become a full member of the SCO in the long term”, - noted Chernijavsky in his report, expressing the view that in case of a corresponding increase of the IRA status in the organization the latter could take responsibility for the maintenance of security and reconstruction.

At the same time, by representatives of the official structures expressed at the conference a more skeptical opinion on the prospect of full membership of the SCO by Afghanistan this year, pointing out that in the nearest future the increase of the status of Pakistan and India is supposed by the organization.

Currently, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, along with these states has observer status of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It is worth noting that earlier IRA Foreign Ministry spokesman Faramarz Tamana said the IRA has removed all obstacles to the entry of his country in the SCO.