Achievements of the SCO in 2018

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Achievements of the SCO in 2018 09.01.2019 13:56



The calendar year ended, which led us to the line of summing up.

For about seventeen years now, the countries participating in the SCO have supported each other in all undertakings and directions. And 2018 was no exception.

On the eve of 2018, the SCO Secretary General, Rashid Alimov, said that international relations, cooperation with the UN and regional partner structures could play on enhancing the authority of the organization.

“In addition to expanding the geography of external contacts, we are firmly committed to improving and searching for new forms of interaction that would meet the partnership interests of all parties,” he said.

As it was supposed, the SCO achieved the set result; during the long-awaited meeting in New York, representatives of the SCO and the UN discussed issues of ensuring peace, security and stability, countering traditional threats and new challenges, including the fight against terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking and organized cross-border crime.

In addition, the work of the organization in the fight against drug trafficking, used to finance international terrorist and extremist groups, was highlighted.

To achieve this goal, the SCO countries held joint anti-terrorism exercises, expanding international cooperation and taking measures to improve the legal framework. A practical step in this direction was the Program of Cooperation of the SCO Member States in Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism for 2019-2021, approved at the summit in Qingdao.

Recall that the first joint event of the UN and the SCO took place on November 22, 2016. Then the results of the meeting contributed to increasing practical cooperation between the SCO and the UN, its specialized institutions and institutions.

In addition, I would like to note the relations within the organization, especially the active work on the inclusion of new member countries - Pakistan and India. Considering the difficult relations between the two states, a lot of work has been done for their entry into the SCO. It is worth emphasizing that now, in all respects, the organization has become the largest trans-regional association in the world.

And India and Pakistan have committed themselves to work together on long-term good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation.

The SCO is an organization of multidisciplinary cooperation. As part of the organization in the regions, all programs introduced for the participating countries are implemented; these are public-private programs for the development of not only the economy, but also the social sphere. Special attention is paid to doing business, in particular, to simplifying most of the levers of interaction and regulatory acts. And, of course, an important area of activity is the cultural and humanitarian sphere.

Over the past few years, the list of cultural and sports events has increased significantly. For example, one of them is the SCO Marathon, which has already become the most popular and spectacular event in the organization. Also, I would like to emphasize the work in the development of the SCO Women's Club, as well as support the youth in the framework of improving the system of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Last week, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summed up the activities for 2018. According to experts, over the years of its existence, the SCO has been able to achieve impressive progress in its development and become an influential regional organization. Today it represents a new type of association that has become a popular platform for combining the national interests of states.

The summit held in June in Qingdao can rightly be called historic. The expansion of the organization, the first in the entire history of the SCO, has become a major event. It received new opportunities to achieve goals in the fight against regional and global challenges.

At the summit, the heads of state signed 17 documents. Among them is the decision of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO member states on the approval of the Action Plan for 2018-2022. on the implementation of the Treaty on Long-Term Neighborhood, Friendship and Cooperation and a document approving the Program of Cooperation in Countering Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism for 2019-2021. In addition, a decision was signed on approving the SCO Anti-Drug Strategy for 2018-2023.

This year, special attention was paid to the Eurasian integration and interaction of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) with the Chinese initiative “One Belt - One Way”. An agreement was signed between the Russian Vnesheconombank and the State Development Bank of China aimed at “creating a mechanism for financial support for the integration process integration in the EAEU space and the Chinese initiative “One belt - one way ”.

It is worth noting that the strength of the SCO is not aimed at confrontation with anyone, but at providing the necessary conditions for comprehensive and multifaceted cooperation of states both inside and outside the organization. In April of this year, multilateral negotiations were held in Beijing with the participation of representatives of the defense departments of the SCO countries. The parties discussed methods of combating terrorism and extremism, ensuring the security of Central Asian countries, as well as the development of economic cooperation.

Experts agree that in order to strengthen cooperation, the SCO countries need to step up trade, economic, transport, communication and investment cooperation. In October of this year, an international symposium was held in Beijing on the fifth anniversary of the nomination by the President of the PRC, Xi Jinping, of the One Belt and One Road Initiative.

The Secretary General of the SCO Research Center, Deng Hao, is convinced that the SCO, promoting new concepts of security and cooperation, provides valuable experience for the construction of “One Belt - One Way”.

According to experts, the establishment of logistics chains and the strengthening of transport links are much more efficient than the creation of trade unions. In recent years, construction of efficient international highways has accelerated. The comprehensive construction of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway began. The China-Myanmar oil pipeline was put into operation, as well as the second branch of the Chinese-Russian oil pipeline.

Today, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has gained a global profile. Values promoted by the SCO countries in the international arena contribute to the formation of international relations of a new type, which are based on mutual respect, justice, equality and mutually beneficial cooperation.