About the interview of the SCO Secretary General on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the SCO development Strategy until 2025

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About the interview of the SCO Secretary General on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the SCO development Strategy until 2025 13.07.2020 15:14


On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the development Strategy of the Shanghai cooperation organization until 2025, SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov gave an interview to the people's daily, TASS news Agency and the Russia-China news portal.

According to him, the Strategy's importance can be compared to the SCO Charter and the Treaty on long-term good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation of the Organization's member States.

The document is a road map for the decade. Moreover, each of its provisions meets the national interests of all member States, as well as the goals of long-term joint development in the vast space of the SCO.

The strategy was prepared in accordance with the decision of the Council of heads of state in 2014. For this purpose, experts from ministries and departments, representatives of research and analytical circles of the member States were involved. The document was officially signed at the Ufa SCO summit on July 10, 2015.

The first five-year period of implementation of the Strategy has demonstrated its effectiveness and efficiency, aimed at further strengthening and developing mutual trust, promoting long-term peace and joint development in the region and in the world as a whole, Norov believes.

The document contains a forecast of the development of the international and regional situation, as well as the activities of the Organization itself, its role in the region and the world.

The provisions of the Strategy are aimed at assisting the SCO member States in implementing measures to ensure regional security, deepen trade and economic dialogue, cultural and humanitarian ties, and develop the Organization's international contacts.

One of the practical results of the implementation of this document was the inclusion of India and Pakistan in the Organization, thanks to which it assumed a pronounced transcontinental character and strengthened its position in the international arena.

The strategy confirms that the SCO's activities will never be directed against third countries and international associations. The organization does not seek to be a military-political bloc or an economic integration Association with supranational governing bodies.

The phenomenon of successful progressive development of the SCO consists in the fact that the member States follow the "Shanghai spirit", which embodies mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, mutual consultations, respect for the diversity of cultures, and the desire for joint development.

In order to implement the provisions of the Strategy, a five-year action plan for its implementation was approved in 2016, including 75 practical measures to improve the organization's multidisciplinary activities.

All the tasks outlined in it have been completed, Norov stated. In this regard, member States have begun to develop a Plan of action for the next five-year period. The project already contains about 150 events. It is planned to approve it during the next SCO summit in St. Petersburg.

The strategy continues to effectively contribute to multi-disciplinary regional cooperation, ensuring political stability, strengthening security, expanding economic interaction, and joint development and prosperity of the SCO peoples, Norov noted.