India's membership in the SCO: prospects and challenges

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Russian-Indian relations have a very high potential

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On the way to the large Eurasian partnership: challenges and opportunities

Chief Researcher of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, full member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Doctor of Political Sciences

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The significance of the Astana summit of the SCO in the assessments of diplomats

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China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): The assessment, implications and India's response

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Chinese president's speech at SCO summit praised by overseas experts, scholars

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Ossetia and the region: problems and trends

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Sergei Kanavsky: none of the projects of the SCO Business Council has been put under the cloth

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Bakhtiyor Khakimov: "One way: to increase dialogue, develop cooperation and improve SCO"

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India's membership in the SCO will be officially formalized at the Organization's summit in Astana in early June

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The SCO Secretary-General addressed the international conference in Moscow

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The main task is the optimal conjugation of "Nurly Zhol" and "Economic belt of the Silk Road"

Ernar Bakenov, vice minister of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, gave an interview to the magazine "InfoShos", in which he highlighted the role of Kazakhstan in the project"

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III International Conference on Countering Terrorism in New Delhi

Report on the trip of Vladimir Evseev to India by invitation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of India, Haryana State Government and the Indian Foundation (March 13 - 16, 2017)

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A new impetus to the revival of the "Silk Road"

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Wang Kaiwen: SCO Forum makes a significant intellectual contribution to the development and implementation of steps in the practical activities of the SCO

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International forum of Caucasian scientists in Baku

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Beijing Forum "One Belt and One Way" - a landmark event for Eurasia

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Regional triangle Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran

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Russia and Iran on the way to strategic partnership

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New Silk Road

New Silk Road: with own eyes, with own words

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