In the difficult geopolitical situation that is now taking shape on the Eurasian continent, it becomes extremely necessary to have a thorough and comprehensive analysis by the politicians and the expert community of the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the prospects for its development. In order to study the existing opportunities and find solutions to the problems facing the SCO, as well as exchange of opinions between experts and politicians of the "SCO family" countries, the First Sochi International Forum was held in 2016, after which Russian and foreign participants of the Forum in the Final Document proposed making it permanent and held at least once every two years.

The Second Sochi International Forum was held thanks to the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and PJSC Gazprom, as well as the assistance of the Administration of Krasnodar Region and the Administration of Sochi.

About 200 Russian and over 40 foreign representatives from 16 countries will take part in the Forum, who will speak at plenary and section sessions.